Why DP?

Isn't it all about connections?

Your prospects getting connected to you and your customers staying connected.

But first, you have to get connected to a web development team that understands what you need and can deliver exactly that.
Digital Positions offers a unique blend of business acumen, Internet expertise and longevity.  We develop Internet solutions that produce substantial Return-on-Investment for our clients.
The results of our client research says it all:

>> If your strategic goals include using the web to increase your visibility …
100% of clients surveyed reported that Digital Positions measurably increased their presence in the marketplace.

>> Companies that strive to improve their ability to more efficiently deliver their product or service hire us because ...
93% of clients surveyed indicated that Digital Positions demonstrated a measurable improvement delivery time and accuracy.

>> If you are looking for a proactive thought-leader bringing valuable ideas and suggestions to the table ...
90% of clients surveyed indicated that Digital Positions is that firm.

>> Businesses seeking a positive, rewarding experience with an Internet Strategy and Custom Web Development firm hire us because ...
91% of clients surveyed reported a positive working relationship with every Digital Positions team member assigned to their projects.

>> If selecting a partner that you can feel confident in sharing with your colleagues is important ...
98% of our clients come from referrals by other clients impressed with Digital Positions’ business knowledge and technical expertise.

>> In business longer than any other internet solutions provider in Georgia ...
Digital Positions brings 15 years of proven industry experience to our clients!

By connecting to the right partner, you get the tools, the insights and the experience to deliver a site that meets your business goals and drives revenue to the top line.

GO ON ... Get Connected.
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