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Right now, the team is deep into working with Adobe Flex, which enables real innovation with web applications.  We're hard at work on some interesting projects and will update this page as we roll out new examples of rich internet applications.  In the meantime, we've posted a few examples below.

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Adobe Flex based RIA's

Amazon Single Screen Search (Adobe Flex 1.5)

Amazon Search ApplicationWe wanted to explore a new way of single screen searching, and who better to search against than the largest online retailer on the Internet? From a single screen you can search the Amazon store and get the results back in a panel of thumbnail images, or as a data grid, depending on your preference.


Mednikow Loose Diamond Search (Adobe Flex 2.0)

Diamond Search ApplicationIn the process of doing some research for one of our high-end Jewelry retail clients, we took the opportunity to further explore Adobe's Flex 2.0 software. Typically searching for something with as many properties as loose diamonds could be really tedious, so we challenged ourselves to make this experience a bit more straight forward and efficient.



AirMed Enrollment Application (Adobe Flex 2.0)

AirMed International Flex ApplicationGiven the elaborate, multi-step enrollment process that AirMed required, we employed Adobe Flex 2.0 to streamline the online enrollment experience and tightly integrate back-office business processes such as variable plans, user profile management and order processing. Click here to see it in action...And we think the service they offer is fantastic!


Adobe Flash Based RIA's

Long before we began exploring Flex, our development has been cranking out wonderful database-driven Flash applications. These tools use ColdFusion and Flash Remoting to communicate with databases managed by Digital Positions own Content Management System (CMS), boomsocket.

Goldwasser Jewelry Showcase: 'The Vault'

Goldwasser Jewelry Showcase: 'The Vault' ApplicationKen Goldwasser, a high-end jewelry designer and seller needed a place customers could visit on the web and see a personalized collection of pieces. The Vault application provides this conduit for Ken to communicate very personally with his customers. After logging in, customers can view the pieces Ken selected as well as comment on likes and dislikes for each piece.


Moe's Southwest Grill Nutritional Calculator

Moes Nutritional Calculator ApplicationRaving Brands™ wanted to develop a smart nutritional calculator. This application allows a user to see the nutritional content for Moe's Southwest Grill©. Visitors can select individual ingredients for their menu selection. Nutritional data is recalculated dynamically and displayed in a standard nutritional label format.


Livable Communities Coalition Project Viewer

Livable Communities Coalition Project Viewer ApplicationThis organization dedicated to smart growth in housing and commercial development wanted a Flash application that would teach visitors about smart growth using big beautiful images. In addition to the wonderful images, the Project viewer showcases success stories and case studies for future improvements. The project data is all managed by our custom CMS, i3SiteTools (now called boomsocket)



Flash Player Downloads

Download and install Flash Player 9 Beta 3 for the above demos (you will need to register and login to download)

Download and install the stable released Flash Player 8

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