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Our clients' web content needs run the gamut from a high-level review of current content through strategy through on-going coaching and writing.Here are the details for our range of services:

Content Review

This process is a vital step that results in a basic inventory of content needed to populate the site, as well as available content resources. Since not every project demands entirely new content, we can use the review to determine if your existing content, as well as other materials, can be repurposed into the new site.

Content Strategy - Envisioning

This analysis delves into the profiles of the site's target audiences, goals & objectives for the site, how the marketplace currently perceives the client's products & services, challenges facing the site, core messages, "unique selling propositions" and supporting evidence for those messages.It then provides overall recommendations for the types of content (e.g., case studies, customer profiles, photos, etc.) needed on the site in order to achieve desired results.

Content Strategy - Planning

The most "granular" of our content strategy services. This planning step takes the results of the "envisioning" effort and develops a page-by-page set of requirements detailing how specific types of content will be used on each page. Depending on the project, this may include how fonts should be formatted, use of bulleted lists versus blocks of text, sizes of headlines and sub-heads, and other aspects of the content's construction and presentation.

Content Creation

This is the actual writing and editing of content - whether entirely new or repurposed from your old site. We have writers available to assist with this function if you do not have in-house capability or capacity.  After the content is completed for the site launch, we can then be contracted for ongoing site maintenance.
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