Rich Internet Applications

A Rich Internet Application (or RIA) is web site that functions more like a desktop application:

Why Should I care about Rich Internet Applications (RIAs)?

RIAs have garnered real traction, not just because of the cool technology available, but because people have responded to them and have become more engaged.

For businesses with a desire for increased revenue, this can translate into a surgical strike - with opportunity to convert more browsers into buyers - more often.

For businesses with a desire to induce operational efficiency, this too can be a surgical strike - with opportunity to engage employees, partners, distributors and the like with utilities that make getting the job done, easier.

Some Practical uses of a Rich Internet Application

Because RIAs deliver data in a visually engaging and user-focused manner - surprise - users want to use them. With the latest generation of browsers and the spread of high-speed access, the playing field for designing applications has expanded exponentially and will continue.

Some Examples of RIAs

We have built a number of RIAs that are very effective examples of the power of Rich Internet Applications. You'll find a number of them at www.d-p.com/ria:

Our team of developers has harnessed the cutting-edge technologies used for delivering RIAs today: Adobe Flex and Adobe Flash as well as the latest advancements in DHTML and JavaScript that are powering AJAX-based applications.

Our business-first approach to developing RIAs ensures that we are using the technology to support the needs of the business rather than manipulating the business requirements for the sake of the technology.

So Why Rich Internet Applications?

Your users want the ease of doing business with or for you.

You want an advantage.

Put the two together and RIAs deliver the goods.
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